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Website Audits

Initially, the Internet leveled the playing field for everyone. In the early days, all you needed was a basic website and you could compete with anyone. Those days are gone.

Today’s Internet marketplace is a vastly different experience. With sophisticated search engine algorithms seeking to deliver relevant information to users, your website has to be better than ever.

Our site audit does a detailed analysis of your site. We look at your content, internal and external links, search engine compatibility and the depth of your content. Additionally, we look at your top three competitors and compare look at their strengths and weaknesses. Finally, we do a simple keyword search to find any opportunities that you can go after.

Our site audit will answer the following questions for you:

1) How many backlinks do you have?2) Are any of your backlinks low quality?3) Do you have any broken links on your website?4) Do you have Schema implemented?5) Is your site loading too slow?6) Is your URL structure helping or hurting you?7) Do you have any Meta issues?8) Does your mobile website pass validation?

After the site audit is complete we go over our findings with you, providing insight and direction for a digital marketing plan which meets your budget and goals.

If your website isn’t performing like you think it should, contact us today and let us help level the playing field for you.

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